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No, THIS is the Most 90s Woman Song of 2010

Found it here. (Also, this just in: Christina canceled her summer tour because she’s working on a movie and new album.)

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Let’s Talk About Sex

So, Ada, we had a great interview today with Dr. Elizabeth Keenan, who is working on a book about 90s nostalgia. One of our favorite topics! We ended up talking a lot about sex. One of our other favorite topics!

On that tip, I finally forced myself to read the Caitlin Flanagan article that neither of us could initially bear. It’s mainly about the dangers of today’s hookup culture, a subject that has really already been covered ad nauseam.  One of my problems with this piece is that much of it is based on adult paranoia, rather than what is really going on with teenagers. (This is something I wrote about for you once, back when Oprah was losing her mind over so-called “rainbow parties.”)

My even bigger problem with the piece is that Flanagan assumes that teenage girls don’t really experience sexual desire. Instead, they are natural romantics who have been “forced into a sexual knowingness.” She also says that: “Unlike the girls of my era, who looked forward to sex, not as a physical pleasure (although it would—eventually—become that for most of us), but as a way of becoming ever closer to our boyfriends, these girls are preparing themselves for acts and experiences that are frightening, embarrassing, uncomfortable at best, painful at worst. These girls aren’t embracing sex, all evidence to the contrary. They’re terrified of it.”

To all of this I say: speak for yourself, lady.

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Or is THIS the most 90swoman Song of 2010?

Ada, we’ve been waiting for the much-anticipated Kathleen Hanna/Le Tigre/Christina Aguilera collaboration, which I was just reading about here,  and here’s a little bit of it. “I hate boys, but boys love me/I think they suck and my friends agree” is definitely pretty riot grrrl gets 2010. (Or: definitely pretty 90swoman.) The battle of the sexes is alive and well and it sounds pretty fun.


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Is This the Most 90sWoman Song of 2010?

Ada, apparently this Christina Aguilera/Nicki Minaj song, “WooHoo,” has been floating around the internet since last Monday. How did I make it through an entire week without it? Major fail on my part. Anyway, I feel like you are generally more celebratory about contemporary music, and contemporary feminism, than I am. But if I was looking for some proof of 2010’s greatness, I think I found it?

You know how I said yesterday that 90swomen wanted to be in control of their sex lives? Um, yeah, that times 10. This song is all “I see you Liz Phair’s ‘Flower’ and Alanis Morissette proud of giving blowjobs in a theater and Salt n Pepa talking about sex AND I RAISE YOU.” It’s got oral sex, girl bonding, bossiness, and lyrics like “I know I probably shouldn’t, but…” Plus, it’s hilarious. SOLD.


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The Most Memorable Feminist Moments of the Decade

this cover is actually from 1999.

Double X has a list of The Most Memorable Feminist Moments of the Decade.

It (rightly, of course) opens with Britney’s Oops!…I Did it Again. Other highlights include the masculinity crisis outlined by Susan Faludi in Stiffed and made sorta, kinda funny by Judd Apatow in his oeuvre; the debut of Bratz dolls; and Christina’s Stripped, for “arguably killing the squeaky-clean girl image of the pop idol.” (“Can’t Hold Us Down” = awesome.) There’s also an entry for those ridiculous right-hand rings they tried to sell women; Laura Kipnis’ Against Love (which I’ve been meaning to re-read); and Lisa Belkin’s ever-controversial “The Opt-Out Revolution,”–which I think got one thing right and that thing is: most work sucks and second wave feminists way over-estimated its appeal. Anyway, kind of a fun read. Ada, did you have favorites? Did they leave anything important out?–kara

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