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90sWoman is PIG’s Blog of the Month!

PIG magazine, October 2010

This Italian fashion magazine just wrote the nicest thing about 90sWoman! Turns out, everything sounds better translated into Italian and then back into English. Case in point:

What is your actor / actress favorite of those years?
Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’.

And the TV series?
Did not watch much TV, I was too busy doing the tapes recorded by the radio.However, I remember this show out of my head that was called ‘Just the Ten of Us’. He spoke of this great family of poor girls who had a wonderful imagination. I must say I was impressed.

What is the perfect outfit for women 90 years?
A baby doll dress and boots should be the look cliché, but I think I personally would opt for something more comfortable. Type in flannel plaid shirt, nice wide. The straps of the bra strictly in view.

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Real Quick: It’s $900 but…

The white Calvin Klein dress from Clueless is getting repro-ed. I feel like you have this dress in like ten colors from American Apparel that cost less than a tenth of this one, but whatevs; this is news.

Oh but wait, check out this “Inspired by Clueless” post at College Fashion. It shows you how to put together the major outfits in the movie at, like, Old Navy and Nine West.

Reproductions will come and go, but Cher’s fashion sense will always live on — at Forever 21.

Thanks, Mikki, for the tip!

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Someone buy Carrie Bradshaw the Communist Manifesto

important note: i actually really liked the SATC book. much darker than the movie or tv show.

Ada, those SATC girls should totally go read some Judith Butler, and perhaps some Karl Marx. I mean, I like shoes as much as anyone–I used to work at fashion magazines!–but the movie is really a perfect example of what happens when feminism meets rampant capitalism.

And you are right, I feel like my life was filled with SATC types sometime in the early 2000s. I remember sitting in my office at Conde Nast with a publicist who was going to St. Barthes with her boyfriend for a long weekend. She told me that she had packed 12 bikinis—3 for each day—then leaned over my desk and half-whispered, “This better be the weekend he proposes.”

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Clueless Redux

Kara, I say: Paul Rudd = Hot in Clueless, but not as much later. And I say James Spader: Ick. I think it’s significant that neither of us liked Secretary even though it seemed somehow like it was designed to be a 90s-Woman kind of movie.

High-heeled Mary Janes, the Shoe of the 90s.

And I’m sorry about my poor handwriting. Remember when Alicia Silverstone is trying to get Christian to make out with her and all he wants to do is watch Ben Hur and she flips her hair so hard she falls off the bed? We were like: omigod, that’s the beginning of the Sexy Clumsy Woman (Goofy Sexy Woman?), like Jenny McCarthy and all those Not Another Teen Movie movies.

My major thought about Clueless is that it’s a really good movie, so funny and true to both Jane Austen and high school culture. And why didn’t it every come together like that again? Why is Amy Heckerling not running Hollywood now? Why didn’t Brittany Murphy become a straight-up comic actress? Why wasn’t there a flood of smart-teen-girl movies? Why didn’t that matching plaid jacket and miniskirt with thigh-highs and heels ever reach the East Coast?

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deep thoughts on clueless

So Ada, last night, in honor of the recently departed Brittany Murphy, we broke out the thigh-highs and mini skirts and watched Clueless with our friends Marisa, Marjorie, and Mikki. A few things we loved, besides the fact that you knew EVERY SINGLE LINE:

  1. Brittany Murphy looking super cute pre-drug and eating disorder. If only she had known that.
  2. 90s clothes! Plaid, plaid, and more plaid; leopard print; the aforementioned thigh highs/mini combo; patent leather loafer heels; and mom jeans for everyone.
  3. Brittany Murphy’s perfectly-pitched teen angst. “It’s my hips, isn’t it?” she says after the Elton “break up.” Also: “If I’m too good for him, how come I’m not with him?” It’s like the 90s version of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” (Related: we want to do a dating self-help book called “It’s Not Your Hips.”)
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Brittany Murphy, RIP

Brittany Murphy, star of Clueless (the 90 woman’s Citizen Kane), is dead, TMZ reports. We hope this wasn’t “shame spiral” related.

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