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Did the 90s Make Media More Casual?

I was just looking at the CNN homepage and thinking there is a kind of valley-girl chatter tone to a lot of the headlines. I credit the “Valley Girl Intelligentsia” of 90s zines with making the tone of discourse in media more casual. And I am not in graduate school, so I can just throw that out there and don’t have to prove it.

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RapeLay Spits in the Face of the 90s

Kara, have you seen this CNN thing about video games from Japan that let you stalk, torture and rape women and girls? There are even plots, like you are getting back at the woman who fired you by raping her. A narrative!

First of all, what the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Second of all, things like this make me think the 90s totally failed. I mean, it’s not like I thought rape would be over, or sociopathic behavior, just because of some zines. But I kind of thought there was this vibe like, “You know what’s not cool anymore? Thinking rape and torture jokes and games are good times.”

Thanks(?) to Brendan for the link.


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