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Corin Tucker on Pitchfork


Kara, there is a great interview with Corin Tucker on Pitchfork about her favorite albums through the ages. There are a lot of fun moments in it, like when she explains how the B-52s were a big influence on Sleater-Kinney.

About Bikini Kill’s live shows and the song “Rebel Girl,” she says:

I never didn’t cry at their shows. Most of my friends and I would have tears streaming down our faces when they played those songs. It was a really intense time, and they were marking this space for women to say that we are these total natural forces to be reckoned with; we’re sexual beings that are ready to battle for our own territory. There was a sort of cultural battle that took place at their shows, and that’s incredibly dramatic when you’re 20 years old. Everything is heightened to the most dramatic extreme, and it was a really powerful song.

I never listened much to Sleater-Kinney (and I realize this may disqualify me for ’90s-womanhood), but based on this interview I really want to now. Read the whole article here.

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