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The Courtney Love D.C. Meltdown

I know I’m late to this party, but David Malitz of the Washington Post had a pretty amazing review of Courtney Love’s show there. It’s quite a read, with lines like: “Of the nearly 30 songs (or song fragments), not even a handful were completed without some minor disaster.” And: “She played a new song, “Pretty Your Whole Life.” It was bad. Half an hour later, she played it again. It was worse.” [The above is a fan video of the show I found here.]  The review is kind of beautiful in the way it clinically describes this meltdown. It’s devastating but — incredibly — not mean.

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Courtney Love on VH1

So much like Miley Cyrus's 'Can't Be Tamed' Outfit, Right? Are black feathers quintessentially 2010?

“They begged me to get an abortion … I was like seriously, suck it.”

“I didn’t ask to be hated, I just don’t mind being a bitch.”

These and many other Courtney Love quotes on VH1. 

We’ve talked a bunch about our mixed feelings about her, and the clips I’ve seen so far don’t sway me one way or the other. She just seems super damaged to the point of scariness — sometimes in a wow! way and sometimes in an eek, run! way.


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Flavorpill’s ’90s Alt-Icons Mash Note

A while back, a reader asked if Winona was ’80s or ’90s. I think this infographic leaves little doubt.

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Is Courtney the 90sest of 90s Women?

From PhotoBucket.com

Hmmm, Kara, your write-up of the Hole show is great and she looks really terrific in the Letterman clip and I loved “Miss World” when I was a teenager. 


I’ve always been kind of freaked out by Courtney Love and even though she’s totally iconic and everything, I feel like it’s hard to talk about her without acknowledging that she’s mentally ill and has a dark history of physically assaulting ladies, especially fellow lead singers. 

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I Saw Courtney Love and It Was Amazing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RzKaGZXnpoAda. It was so good. So good! Last night, I went to see her with Marisa, Doree, Emily, and Elizabeth. She sang “Violet” and “Miss World” and “Doll Parts” and “Celebrity Skin” and “Malibu.” She also sang some songs from her new album, “Nobody’s Daughter,” which I am pretty into. Doree and Marisa recapped the night for The Awl and I’m not sure I have that much more to add at this particular (personally exhausted from staying up writing papers) juncture. Just that I have seen Alanis Morisette, Liz Phair, Julianna Hatfield, and the Spice Girls (!!) among other 90swomen in concert, and I think seeing Courtney was actually the most satisfying. Her screaming sounded great. (As Marisa said, hard living really works for her particular singing style.) Her lacy black dress and flowy white dress and pageboy and red lipstick all looked amazing. She’s got some custody issues going on that I refuse to know about, not to mention some Twitter feuds, etc., but I still find her the 90sest of 90swomen in the best possible way. By which I mean: She’s bitchy and funny and feminist and femmey and doesn’t take herself too seriously. And her life is seriously not boring.

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Was the 90s Body Ideal Less Punishing?

Mikki just sent us a link to this photo on Tiny Tomato. We have Courtney issues, but were still intrigued by this picture because of how it reminds us that the 90s body ideal was kind of soft, ususally encased in forgiving cotton fabrics, and the faces could have blemishes and be enshrouded in messy hair. Sort of the antithesis, of, like: Continue reading


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“The nineties are so hot right now.”

Thanks to fuckyeahhole.

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