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i am interrupting our awesome testimonials (neal’s outfits….) and posts on david letterman (yes, i am seriously rethinking my cavalier attitude) for a little throwback. marisa meltzer recently brought my attention to this amazing pro-hillary video from 90swoman sophie b. hawkins. get ready to hear “damn, we wish you were president” sung to the tune of “damn, i wish i was your lover.” i dont care! i love sophie b. hawkins! even though i was always an obama fan.–kara

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The Hostile Environment Thing


Nell Scovell, Whistleblower. Photo: VanityFair.com.

Nineties Woman Hannah just made an interesting comment:

I worked at a large company where two of the big bosses were in a relationship. Everyone knew, but we weren’t SUPPOSED to know. I kept talking about it at home, and my husband would correct me when I described it as an “affair.” You see, they were both divorced and so technically not cheating on anyone. But by carrying on and making everyone pretend we didn’t know, it felt like we were all complicit in a dirty secret.

That’s what Nell Scovell, a former Letterman staffer, said the vibe on the Late Show was like in her recent Vanity Fair article: kind of skeevy, and bad for women who weren’t sleeping with male staffers. She writes:

There’s a subset of sexual harassment called sexual favoritism that, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, can lead to a “hostile work environment,” often “creating an atmosphere that is demeaning to women.’And that pretty much sums up my experience at Late Night with David Letterman. Continue reading

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Letterman Loses Emo Cred — Our First Guest Post!


David Letterman, circa 1995.

Like many a 90s woman, I coveted, met, fell in love and married a shoe-gazing, emo 90s man. Top reasons – a sincere, appropriately insecure dopey cute dude who’s pairing results in mutual adoration and a solid belief that neither of us WILL EVER CHEAT. The reason this Letterman situation bothers me is that I believed Dave was one of those guys. Continue reading

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