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Generation X and The New Traditionalism

NY Times/Nina Fineberg

Ha, I don’t think I’m having a mid-life crisis, unless Googling ex-boyfriends during lulls at work suggests otherwise.

I was going to post that same article, because it made me think a lot of things: 1. A.O. Scott is my age?!  (Turns out he was born in 1966, so he’s a decade older than us, but still qualifies as Gen-X.) 2. Weird how I feel like Greenberg and Hot Tub Time Machine and all that have nothing to do with my teen nostalgia, even if I may be up for seeing them. (Did men and women really have different experiences of the ’90s? Maybe co-ed teen life is really a 21st century thing.) 3. The Vows section of that same Sunday’s paper was really the most Gen-Xiest thing ever, way more instructive about the demographic than the article explicitly about it. Scared of marriage because of parental divorce? Check. Outwardly hipsterrific but secretly ultra-traditional? Yup. The clincher: “My dream is for us to work together, to share an office. That way I never have to miss her.” At what point in time would that ever be a normal thing for a guy to say of the lady he’d just wed in St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

P.S. Tony Scott, Generation X wasn’t that bad a band!

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