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Start Choppin’ by Dinosaur Jr.

This song is inseparable for me from an early-’90s weekend I housesat on East Fifth Street between A and B for Daniel Fidler, who I worked with at SPIN magazine. (I was a 17-year-old intern, he was in his twenties and worked in research).

Daniel was really nice, loved Fugazi, and had a mother cat and a bunch of kittens nesting under his sink. I took care of them while he was in Israel. I also listened to the above song over and over at his apartment, and it made me feel better about a recent breakup with my first serious boyfriend. I liked staying there, listening to all his albums, reading his magazines, and pretending his studio was my own. I drank a lot of coffee. I did some light snooping.

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90s Woman Testimony #1: April


April at — yes — Lollapalooza.

Music may have defined the 90s for me but it was about more than a teen discovering sex, drugs and rock and roll for the first time. Punk wasn’t just for the boys anymore, politics were personal and more and more 90s women were demanding permanent spots at the table sans those embarrassing shoulder pads. PJ Harvey’s roar still gives me chills and reminds me that to proceed down an honest path today, I must look back and remember the reverb.




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