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Testimony: Alix Boraks

Alix Boraks, charming author of the sex blog Milkshake and Honey, wrote in with this testimony about the ’90s and sexuality:

Full disclosure: I was born in 1991.  My firsthand experience of the ‘90s was confined to not understanding what Alanis was so upset about, trying on my cousin’s combat boots, and attempting to peek when my mom covered my eyes during that episode of Growing Pains when Mike takes a life drawing class.  I missed out on the first round, but I still proudly identify as a ‘90s woman because of my heavily ‘90s adolescence. Continue reading


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Jane Curtin, ’90s Woman in the ’70s

She straight-up tells Oprah how John Belushi sabotaged female writers. And when Chevy Chase starts boorishly yammering about how women kept trying to ram “women’s issues” skits into the show, she makes this totally awesome face at him.

Watch the video of her feminist-realness at Vulture.

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It’s Weird What Radicalizes You: Messy Desk Edition

This little behind-the-scenes video of a weight-lifting Fox News reporter bragging about his messy desk (“He has the cluttered desk to prove how busy he is” . . . “Any reporter that has a neat desk isn’t a reporter”) made me instantly, weirdly furious.

Nothing against this objectively hardcore and impressive reporter and his fire-trap desk.

My inner ’90s feminist is just super tired of hearing good writing and reporting equated with being a slob / being an asshole / drinking your feelings / guy’s guydom. Continue reading


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You Know You’re a Child of Second Wavers If…

Great Women Playing Cards

This game sat next to Chutes and Ladders, LIFE and Careers.


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The Mountain Goats, Indie Music’s ’90s-Woman-est Band

Mountain Goats, Bowery Ballroom, March 28, 2011

Writing for newspapers and magazines lo these last 15 or so years, I have interviewed many famous people, lots of them super hot. But to date, probably the swooniest I ever got was during a 2005 Q&A with the Mountain Goats.

John Darnielle praised feminism, pop music, and marriage. He said wise ’90s-womanly things like, on Andrea Dworkin:

She was really messed up in a lot of ways, but also brave enough to say, “Is it possible that the bedrock of our sexuality is essentially violent?” The simple answer is, “Of course not, because I enjoy myself. What’s not to like there?” Well it takes a big person to go, “Maybe we enjoy ourselves because we’re damaged.” Continue reading

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The Persecution of Rebecca Black

Rob Sheffield has already said everything funny there is to say about Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” So it’s time to look at this phenomenon from the ’90s Woman perspective, and that is:

WTF is so scary about an ambitious thirteen-year-old girl? Continue reading


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Feminist Narratives and Mainstream Media

Yesterday at the Post I worked on this story about Charlie Sheen’s date (who was left cowering naked in the bathroom as he tore apart the hotel room). The angle actually wound up being pretty nuanced and sympathetic. I especially like this quote from her Twitter page:

In a Fourth of July response to someone who criticized her, she lashed out online: “I’ve been to the Middle East and to England, Ireland, Spain, the DR and many other places — My parents came to this country with nothing, and today I reserve the right to a career that allows me enough wages to take care of myself and not rely on my 74-year-old father who works three jobs to support our family. You’re IGNORANT.”

It’s not Ms., but, you know, baby steps.

Here’s the article.

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