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“So, There We Were in the Burger King Parking Lot”

Bridget Everett performing at Mike Jackson's house. May 24, 2011.

Twice in one week, I saw Bridget onstage doing the same number: telling a story about being “finger banged” behind a Burger King; then┬áplaying the saxophone while her dress fell off.

Two times was not enough! If I could watch her perform every day, I would be a happier person.

Side note: I used to really hate audience participation in any guise, but Bridget is one of the performers who has converted me. When she attacks young men in the audience, it is with such joy and sweetness that it doesn’t feel mean or aggressive. It feels like a generous, cheerful greeting. And I have never seen anyone (including the gentleman in this photo, at right, whose clothes quickly vanished after he was pulled onstage) complain.

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