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Remember the Sex Awards Show We Went To?


Exactly what you think is about to happen happened.

So, Kara, you and I went to the Fleshbot Sex Awards on Wednesday night (because Time Out NY kindly asked me to) and we had many 90s-womanish thoughts.

I wrote most of my observations on the event down for TONY, but I think there’s lots more to say about the whole “third wave feminists are sex-positive/slutty/getting duped by men to act porno-sexy when they should be getting a PhD” thing that I feel has been the major analysis of Gen-X smut in recent years.

I’ve always hated that argument, but I also didn’t really enjoy the kind of “sexiness” that’s on display at the Box. Something about that Cinemax-sexy posturing makes me kind of ill. Do people really find it hot? It seems so pre-internet.

Remember when that naked porn star Belladonna was deep-throating the dildo and dancing around kind of absent-mindedly and we were like, “She seems like she’s having more fun than the black-lingerie-clad girls who were making out with each other earlier and seemed so bored . . . or does she just seem high?”

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