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paul rudd: you decide

ada, i think maybe “hot” isnt the right word for PR, as i like to call him since i know him so well from my thwarted flirtation? maybe…..”very cute?” anyway, i told a friend of mine that he was #1 on huffington post’s list of guys their readers want to make out with at midnight on new years and he said “of course paul rudd appeals to the huffpo crowd. he’s like every liberal woman’s perfect guy.” in honor of every liberal woman, here is some PR/new york times porn. i am personally partial to the reference to the “politics and socks page.”



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Clueless Redux

Kara, I say: Paul Rudd = Hot in Clueless, but not as much later. And I say James Spader: Ick. I think it’s significant that neither of us liked Secretary even though it seemed somehow like it was designed to be a 90s-Woman kind of movie.

High-heeled Mary Janes, the Shoe of the 90s.

And I’m sorry about my poor handwriting. Remember when Alicia Silverstone is trying to get Christian to make out with her and all he wants to do is watch Ben Hur and she flips her hair so hard she falls off the bed? We were like: omigod, that’s the beginning of the Sexy Clumsy Woman (Goofy Sexy Woman?), like Jenny McCarthy and all those Not Another Teen Movie movies.

My major thought about Clueless is that it’s a really good movie, so funny and true to both Jane Austen and high school culture. And why didn’t it every come together like that again? Why is Amy Heckerling not running Hollywood now? Why didn’t Brittany Murphy become a straight-up comic actress? Why wasn’t there a flood of smart-teen-girl movies? Why didn’t that matching plaid jacket and miniskirt with thigh-highs and heels ever reach the East Coast?

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