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On the Grammys, It’s Still the ’90s

Case in point:

Thanks for the screengrab, Brendan.

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90s Women G-Chat the Grammys

Ada: good morning. let’s talk beyonce. she is so much better than anyone else

Kara: agreed!

Ada: beyonce is the embodiment of all the good of the 90s merged with all the good of now and that performance totally proved it, from the shots of jay-z in the audience clapping for her to the merging of alanis

Kara:i agree. i think beyonce is reading her judith butler. there was all of the gender troubling. im thinking about what she did that was 90s vs what she did that felt very now.looking super-hot = now (best hair. her hair looked so good.) Continue reading


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Is “Tik Tok” the feminist party anthem of 2010?

kesha, looking kind of 90s and kind of hot, in esquire

Ada, MMM-Bop is totally on my ipod! So is Party in the USA, which I saw Miley perform live. She was so bad. But so fun!

As you note, so were a lot of performers in the 90s. Like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer who, by the way, I saw in concert–TOGETHER–my freshman year of high school. Not to brag or anything.

Okay, now, let’s talk about Ke$ha. I just saw that “Tik Tok” is the number one song on itunes right now. Which is cool, because I like Ke$ha. Partly because I am in my 30s and so I find a party anthem with the lines “Ain’t got a care in the world, but got plenty of beer” and “Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” to be hilarious. HOWEVER. This song would have made me cry when I was 15, significantly more earnest, and dreaming of getting away from girls who just wanted to party and drink. (In NY, I imagined, rightly, I would be able to party and drink…while discussing feminist theory. We’ll bring the whiskey on the 13th!)

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