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How ’90s Feminism Manifested Itself in High School English

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Things that Were Hot in ’90s NYC

The lists on the I Went to High School in NYC in the ’90s Facebook page are crazy familiar. Mostly I just hung out in bookstores, but I could relate to almost everything on there, like:

Free Cribs: Even if your moms wasn’t rich you knew some kid whose parents went somewhere every weekend. Me and my crew used to spend whole weekends at different girls’ cribs.


Chilling outside of Unique on Broadway.

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Bikini Kill Archive!

Did Bikini Kill change your life? Kathleen Hanna’s started a site that collects BK testimonies. Details are here. There are also some amazing videos on their YouTube channel. I just sent in my post, and it’s posted here. And I’ll copy and paste it here, too:

In 1993, when I was 17, I was interning at SPIN magazine. One week, right after my first serious boyfriend (a repeat-reader of On the Road) had cheated on and broken up with me, I was cat-sitting for a guy I worked with who later OD’d and died. His apartment, a studio on 5th Street between Avenue A and B, had a pile of zines and comics (and a litter of kittens who slept in a cat bed under the sink). Continue reading


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