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Men Under Attaaaaaaaaaack!

Our conversation about men who are freaked out by Big Bad Feminism reminded me of how rampant this male anger against women-who-might-be-judging-them was in the 90s, as if that’s what feminism was all about: making men feel bad.

It couldn’t be that things were weird and bad for women (and for men!) in certain ways that women wanted to change. It had to be that we wanted to eradicate Maleness and lump all men into a Bad Man category.

I just stumbled upon this 1994 Time magazine gem entitled “Men: Are They Really That Bad?” I love that lots of 90s magazine archives are now online because they provide proof that we didn’t make this shit up. Anyway, be sure to read the whole thing here, but I’ll quote a few little things below. Continue reading


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