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Did the 90s Make Media More Casual?

I was just looking at the CNN homepage and thinking there is a kind of valley-girl chatter tone to a lot of the headlines. I credit the “Valley Girl Intelligentsia” of 90s zines with making the tone of discourse in media more casual. And I am not in graduate school, so I can just throw that out there and don’t have to prove it.

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How Influential Was Liz Phair?

No, really, I’m curious. To me, it seems like Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville, Kathleen Hanna and the Bikini Kill fanzines, Lisa Carver’s zine Rollerderby, and a whole ton of other ’90s stuff (Pump Up the Volume?) had a really profound effect on the culture — on relationships between men and women, on music, on literature — but maybe I’m crazy and you and I are the only people with these things on our bookshelves?

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