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It’s Weird What Radicalizes You: Messy Desk Edition

This little behind-the-scenes video of a weight-lifting Fox News reporter bragging about his messy desk (“He has the cluttered desk to prove how busy he is” . . . “Any reporter that has a neat desk isn’t a reporter”) made me instantly, weirdly furious.

Nothing against this objectively hardcore and impressive reporter and his fire-trap desk.

My inner ’90s feminist is just super tired of hearing good writing and reporting equated with being a slob / being an asshole / drinking your feelings / guy’s guydom. Continue reading



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Is Journalism Getting More 90s-Womanish?

Kara, I’m just throwing this out there because we mentioned Jezebel earlier and I think this is relevant to us: Maureen Tzacik has a million-page article in CJR about the past, present and future of journalism. She writes:

When the Internet forced journalism to compete economically after
years of monopoly, journalism panicked and adopted some of the worst
examples of the nothing-based economy, in which success depends on the
continued infantilization of both supply and demand. At the same time,
journalism clung to its myths of objectivity and detachment, using
them to dismiss the emerging blogger threat as something unserious and
fundamentally parasitic, even as it produced a steady stream of
obsessive but sneering trend stories on the blogosphere.

That seems pretty dead-on to me.

P.S. Okay, I am now shutting up. Can you tell it’s been a slow news day?

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Liberal Hypocrisy and Corporate Media

Barbara Stanwyck was a 90s woman and I know she wasn't really in His Girl Friday, but in my mind she was.

So, Kara, I just started working part-time at a tabloid as a city reporter, because, well, wouldn’t you? And I walked in fully prepared (almost enthusiastic!) to see all manner of pre-90s-enlightenment behavior — ass-grabbing, cigar-chomping, you name it. But you know what I found instead? A woman in charge and everyone flexible and friendly.

Contrast this with all those horror stories we have seen and heard surrounding liberal media bastions: hours cut so employees couldn’t get health insurance, totally sexist dudes running the show, racist articles, back-biting, etc., etc. Continue reading

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