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Someone buy Carrie Bradshaw the Communist Manifesto

important note: i actually really liked the SATC book. much darker than the movie or tv show.

Ada, those SATC girls should totally go read some Judith Butler, and perhaps some Karl Marx. I mean, I like shoes as much as anyone–I used to work at fashion magazines!–but the movie is really a perfect example of what happens when feminism meets rampant capitalism.

And you are right, I feel like my life was filled with SATC types sometime in the early 2000s. I remember sitting in my office at Conde Nast with a publicist who was going to St. Barthes with her boyfriend for a long weekend. She told me that she had packed 12 bikinis—3 for each day—then leaned over my desk and half-whispered, “This better be the weekend he proposes.”

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judy! the judith butler zine

ada, i could not agree more with your assessment that 90swomen are strategic–sometimes in smarter ways, sometimes not. i also want to introduce you to “judy!” the 1992 zine about judith butler. according to barnard’s online zine library (put together by very cool zine librarian jenna freedman):

“Judy is a Judith Butler fanzine from 1992. The existence of a Judith Butler fanzine alone is enough to crack up anyone involved in women’s studies and zines. Dr. Butler’s response to the zine, made by a college undergrad, is documented in the zine and in Lingua Franca. There are also quizzes, letters, photos and paper dolls.”

A-MA-ZING. there is nothing more to say.


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Stealth vs. Copping Out

Judith Butler's kind of hot, right? And is it just me, or are she and Billy Bragg separated at birth?

First of all, Kara, I still crack up every time I think of you slipping the author of Gender Trouble into Teen Vogue.

I didn’t know very much about Judith Butler, so (thanks, internet!) I just watched this sort of great documentary about her.

In it, she says of her childhood: “I didn’t think of myself as smart. I thought of myself as strategic.”

And I think that’s what 90s women are: strategic, sometimes in a smart way and sometimes in a dumb one.

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why 90swomanhood is all about stealth feminism and secret messages

Remember in the 90s when it seemed like everyone could live a super boho life in Austin (which you did!) or Olympia, making zines and going to shows and working part-time at coffee shops?

Well, most 90swomen can’t afford to live the Slacker lifestyle now; they realized, eventually, that they needed higher-paying jobs. And they also realized that writing “slut” across their stomach like they did as students wouldn’t really work in an office environment; more likely they would have to deal with a boss like (a very nice) one of mine who said “I’m scared of you right now” when I told him I was a feminist.

But that doesn’t mean we gave up our politics.

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