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Vajazzling is Not for 90swomen

I totally used to wear this kind of glitter gel in the middle of the day.

Omg, Ada, I would have gone back to school years ago if any magazine I ever worked for even suggested I do this.

Though I have a real soft spot for 70s-style cunt art by Hannah Wilke and Judy Chicago—maybe because I have a real soft spot for it—I am really not feeling this trend. In my estimation, vajazzling = spa desperate to create a trend in order to make money + editor desperate to cover something new in order to make money. Then multiply. This recession sucks.

When I was an editor, beauty companies’ attempts to get me to cover similar goods and services made for some amusing times. Like when a male Vagisil publicist picked me up at my Conde Nast office and spent a 20 minute drive downtown telling me about the company’s new products to help clear up the look of some condition he called, over and over and over and over, “vaginal chafing.” Then he dropped me off at the super-fancy lingerie store Agent Provocateur with a $300 gift certificate. I have to admit: All of that chafing talk made it a little hard for me to focus on buying sexy lingerie. But I’m a stoic, so I managed.

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judy chicago is also unapologetic

menstruation bathroom

menstruation bathroom

i showed menstruation bathroom by judy chicago (1972) in a presentation for class last week. it is awesome.

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