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Ke$ha’s New Video and its ’90s-Womanly Style

In the '90s, as now, glitter=power.

Hey Kara, your g.f. Ke$ha has a new video. New York magazine suffers from the common ’90s amnesia and claims glitter and hard-core-ness are mutually exclusive. As Cher would say, as if! And yet, I am still not as into Ke$ha as you are. I think it’s because I am too New-Yorky to appreciate the West Coast.

Watch it here because I can’t figure out how to embed Vevo. As consolation, here are a couple of screen grabs. Continue reading

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Ke$ha Wears Feathers Again

Also (for her other song), an American flag cape. Also, is that a cross down her front in the black-light paint? She is trying so hard to make somebody mad, y’all!


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Is Ke$ha Bad News?

Kara, thanks for that rundown of excellent 90s sites. Thought we made up 90s discussion + internet! Who knew?

Now, I have a question: I know you love Ke$ha, and I know you love Bitch magazine, so I’m wondering what you think about Bitch’s recent post about Ke$ha’s American Idol performance of “Blah Blah Blah,” which I posted above.

This is not my favorite song (right now, this very non-90s woman song is) and I am not super into her whole trashy, drunk-party-girl vibe, although I totally get it (especially after a couple of drinks, and especially if we’re talking “Tik Tok”).

I like Ke$ha in the abstract because she is just unapologetic trash. There is nothing upstanding, respectable or reliable about her. You would never want to hire her as your babysitter because she would make out with her boyfriend on your couch instead of playing board games with the kids. As someone who’s spent most of my life kind of compulsively “good,” she is a liberating force. At least in the abstract. In reality, she just seems like someone who would spill a beer on me at a concert. Continue reading

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90s Women G-Chat the Grammys

Ada: good morning. let’s talk beyonce. she is so much better than anyone else

Kara: agreed!

Ada: beyonce is the embodiment of all the good of the 90s merged with all the good of now and that performance totally proved it, from the shots of jay-z in the audience clapping for her to the merging of alanis

Kara:i agree. i think beyonce is reading her judith butler. there was all of the gender troubling. im thinking about what she did that was 90s vs what she did that felt very now.looking super-hot = now (best hair. her hair looked so good.) Continue reading


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Is Beyonce reading our blog?

i got this picture from the globe and mail. i wonder if i can find one with the crotch grab?

Um, Ada, I can’t believe what I just saw.

I was watching her, thinking about how amazing she looked, and how cool it is that she chose to sing “If I Were A Boy”—super-interesting feminist song!—when she launched into Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” It’s like everything we have been talking about came together in a Super Important Cultural Moment.

As the NYT blog said, “90s women stand up!”

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Is “Tik Tok” the feminist party anthem of 2010?

kesha, looking kind of 90s and kind of hot, in esquire

Ada, MMM-Bop is totally on my ipod! So is Party in the USA, which I saw Miley perform live. She was so bad. But so fun!

As you note, so were a lot of performers in the 90s. Like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer who, by the way, I saw in concert–TOGETHER–my freshman year of high school. Not to brag or anything.

Okay, now, let’s talk about Ke$ha. I just saw that “Tik Tok” is the number one song on itunes right now. Which is cool, because I like Ke$ha. Partly because I am in my 30s and so I find a party anthem with the lines “Ain’t got a care in the world, but got plenty of beer” and “Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” to be hilarious. HOWEVER. This song would have made me cry when I was 15, significantly more earnest, and dreaming of getting away from girls who just wanted to party and drink. (In NY, I imagined, rightly, I would be able to party and drink…while discussing feminist theory. We’ll bring the whiskey on the 13th!)

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Oh, Phyllis Schafly

Phyllis Schlafly cracks me up. I think she is maybe also a performance artist? She should seriously open for Ashley Dupre. They can do a duet of Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah.” Here are some of the things she said recently at a college in South Carolina.

Feminists are “bitter, unhappy and not successful women.”… Schlafly challenged the legitimacy of a variety of social programs and legislation put in place by feminist agenda, including abortion, shelters for battered women and sexual harassment counseling … Other controversial comments included Schlafly’s denial of the existence of spousal rape, as well as her statement that individuals shouldn’t be able to “check out” of marriage.

It provides a nice flashback to un-subtle sexism and totally unstealthy anti-feminism. She’s a very tangible Hater of Young Women With Their Freedoms. I mean, look at her hair.

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