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Lady Gaga vs. Lilith Fair: Is One More 90swomanly Than the Other?

Hi Ada, So this weekend the New York Times ran Jon’s article on the demise of Lilith Fair aesthetics called “Girl Pop’s Lady Gaga Makeover.” You emailed to tell me that you thought it was really 90swomanly. Of course you are right: After all, when not writing about super-sexist rap lyrics, you can sometimes find Jon listening to the Indigo Girls or describing himself as “fifth wave” or “post-post.” Speaking of the Indigo Girls: He and Marisa and I are going to see them this weekend at Lilith Fair, so I think I will write more thoughts about his article then.

Just two quick thoughts in advance of that:

One is that I could barely think about feminism at the Gaga show because I was too busy thinking that it was basically a primer in queer theory. (I guess Gaga and James Franco have something besides their mainstreaming of performance art in common.)

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The Great Alejandro Video Debate

So, it’s here.

Jezebel says it’s boring: “It’s very beautiful! And very dull. Vivid religious iconography, leather coats, vague military/riot references and men in fishnets and heels can’t make up for a weak (non existent?) narrative and an incredibly repetitive song.”

Cathy Horyn, a fan, says it “seems to bring out the prudes in people, or maybe they’re watching too much Fox News.”

Lady Gaga seems to me like a force for good, especially in terms of gay rights and teenagers not feeling lonely, but there’s something about the way she is paying homage to Madonna here that feels ultra-hollow: Catholic iconography, bullet-bra, bare back with blonde hair, writhing male models (although I guess she did add heels). Check, check, check. Continue reading


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Lady Gaga + Glee = 90s Woman

Okay, I meant to put this up a million years ago. The Glee Lady Gaga episode explains (better than any ecofeminist-reading 90s woman could) what political correctness was supposed to be before it became about academic witch hunts and turned into a punchline. The most relevant two minutes are here (starts about 26 min into the episode; no, I couldn’t figure out how to embed a Hulu custom clip so you have to click on there to get to it). Continue reading

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Playing Catch Up: Gaga, Alanis, Sociopathy

From Salon.com.

Happy Sunday night! I am actually going to an office for work again so I want to make sure I get caught up on our conversation before the week starts.

For starters: I love White Lightning! Though I will say the “Telephone” video analogy award goes to Salon for the Health Care Manifesto analysis.

Next: I never got into Alanis so I appreciate your conversation about her. I feel inspired to defend her, too. I feel inspired to defend almost everyone from my youth, except for some reason Lisa Loeb. Continue reading

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90swomen Love Gaga

its lady gaga! i mean, elizabeth and marisa

Performance art. Mimesis. Class analysis. Parody. Relational aesthetics. Critical fashion studies. I could theorize this picture forever.

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Gaga and Beyonce Grapple with Important Political Questions

Ada, Check it out! Today’s most important female performance artists take on female-perpetrated violence. I hope the New York Times likes it.


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Fighting AIDS with Lipstick

Everything about this Mac AIDS Fund interview on CNN (watch it!), in which Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper insist women “put their foot down” in the bedroom over condoms, is 90s.

“I’m not a self-obsessed masturbatory artist.” — Lady Gaga
“Sisterhood is a powerful thing.” — Cyndi Lauper


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