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Who Took The Bomp? at the MoMA

I was at the MoMA last night for a (packed, super fun) screening of the Le Tigre tour video.

In the history of music, there may be more charming band footage than that shot of them in 2004-5 by Carmine Covelli, but I haven’t seen it.

The scenes of their band-bus dance-party, workout ritual, and Slipknot photo op are worth way more than the $16 it’s selling for at Oscilloscope. I just pre-ordered three. You can too. Here’s where to get it. And here’s to camouflaged pretzels!


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Or is THIS the most 90swoman Song of 2010?

Ada, we’ve been waiting for the much-anticipated Kathleen Hanna/Le Tigre/Christina Aguilera collaboration, which I was just reading about here,  and here’s a little bit of it. “I hate boys, but boys love me/I think they suck and my friends agree” is definitely pretty riot grrrl gets 2010. (Or: definitely pretty 90swoman.) The battle of the sexes is alive and well and it sounds pretty fun.


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The True Meaning of DIY

Kara, I’m so glad you archived the panel and so sorry I missed it! I was in Toronto, at the biggest, oldest queer theater and festival in North America, the Rhubarb Festival at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Neal was performing his Beyoncé concert DVD reenactment. (Here’s a photo I took from the front row, where I was sitting with Glenn Marla.)

The festival was such an inspiring scene, like the twine vagina art but cool and in the form of a bunch of thirty-minute plays followed by an awesome dance party.

I saw the hottest lesbian couple of all time at the latter — the one lady who was in a suit that kept falling open to reveal her breasts and had a drawn-on mustache told Neal, “See that tall girl over there? That’s my girlfriend! Woo-hoo!” And the tall girl was this ridiculously curvy, fun lady wearing the tightest dress of all time. They were so psyched for each other. Continue reading

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