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Is Boobquake 90s-Womanish?

So you’ve probably heard about Boobquake, this internet phenomenon whereby thousands of women challenge a statement made by an imam that women’s immodesty causes earthquakes. They all wear lowcut shirts + no earthquakes = imam is dumb, sexy ladies win. Leaving aside the slight complication that there were earthquakes today, this strategy for social protest seems to epitomize third-waviness vs. second-waviness. This is a gross reduction, I know, but just bear with me: to protest male gaze, etc., second-wavers wore comfortable clothes. Continue reading

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Fighting AIDS with Lipstick

Everything about this Mac AIDS Fund interview on CNN (watch it!), in which Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper insist women “put their foot down” in the bedroom over condoms, is 90s.

“I’m not a self-obsessed masturbatory artist.” — Lady Gaga
“Sisterhood is a powerful thing.” — Cyndi Lauper


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