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Lisa Crystal Carver’s Paintings

Legendary ’90s woman Lisa Carver is now a painter, and she is selling her work on eBay. She also takes commissions. I have her items for sale bookmarked. I should not tell other people about this, because it increases the chances I will be outbid, as I recently was on a bunch of old Rollerderbies. But I felt so guilty getting her beautiful painting of ovaries for $5 that I feel I have an obligation to spread the gospel.

P.S. Here is our primer on Lisa Carver.

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Lisa Carver Fanzine Blowout Sale!

Lisa Carver has a bunch of fanzines and books and stuff for sale on eBay and a lot of it is still 99 cents. Go shop!


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Is Courtney the 90sest of 90s Women?

From PhotoBucket.com

Hmmm, Kara, your write-up of the Hole show is great and she looks really terrific in the Letterman clip and I loved “Miss World” when I was a teenager. 


I’ve always been kind of freaked out by Courtney Love and even though she’s totally iconic and everything, I feel like it’s hard to talk about her without acknowledging that she’s mentally ill and has a dark history of physically assaulting ladies, especially fellow lead singers. 

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What Sexy Looked Like in the 90s

Kara, I love your photo gallery. I started looking at pictures too and realized something: 90s sexiness was about softer bodies, but also about a tougher look. Lots of raised eyebrows, knowing smiles, tongues stuck out, glaring… Not passive at all. Unless they’re like Lisa Carver’s zine photos, in which case they are tough but also sometimes, like, dead or sunbathing on the street…

Also, I would like to add this to our running list of “things that are supposed to represent the 90s but that we don’t think actually really do.” Maybe because she wasn’t tough at all? Or knowing at all?:

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Lisa Carver Download Available!

For three dollars, you can download Lisa Carver’s original, disturbing “Suckdog Love Booklet” from Nutmusic. There is horrific hate speech in it (Lisa famously performed with Jean-Louis Costes and Psychodrama), lots of talk about violence, and some gems of 90s music history.

In a SPIN interview reprinted here, Robert Christgau, says of Suckdog, “Why should anything you’ve said make me want to go see this group?”

Lisa writes on Nutmusic’s website something that puts the booklet into some context, and provides as lucid an explanation of Suckdog, extreme zine culture and the 90s vs. today as anything I’ve seen. Here’s how it opens: Continue reading

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“Gods Are, at Certain Angles, Terrible Things to Be.”

I found this Googling "sexy pirate."

Kara, I just read Lisa Carver’s chick-lit article, which I hadn’t read since editing it five years ago. God, it is so amazing, and it provides jumping-off points for a million different 90s woman conversations.

You asked me why I thought Lisa encourages healthy recklessness. Rollerderby prioritized enthusiasm over pretty much everything else. When you live your life with that as your priority your life gets super interesting super fast. Continue reading

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A Lisa Carver Primer

I realized we haven't had nearly as many naked guys as girls on this site.

Those quotes you pulled from Lisa’s books crack me up.

Since she needs to be a lot more appreciated, here are links to some of her Nerve articles. Everyone should read them all immediately:

I Was a Teenage Prostitute. And it was kind of great.” “I’ve wanted to be a prostitute for as long as I can remember. I’ve wanted to be Rhett’s warm, wisecracking prostitute friend in Gone With The Wind, not Scarlett — she had better makeup, velvety-er clothes. Prostitutes fight with all the girls who don’t enter their little gang, their faction (and the prostitutes always win!), and they make cold, sad men come alive.” Continue reading


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