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Margaret Cho, ’90s Woman


So, I just did a VERY nineties interview with Margaret Cho for New York magazine. Here’s a sampling:

Speaking of Bryan Adams, there’s something of a nineties revival going on, and your album has that feel.
Yeah, it’s kind of a riot grrrl … I always wanted it to be like the Deal sisters [Kim and Kelley Deal, of the Breeders]. To me, some of the greatest things happened in the nineties, musically. I worshipped Grant Lee-Phillips [of Grant-Lee Buffalo]. And I worshipped Bryan and I wanted to be like Fiona Apple. And it was such an amazing experience to work with all those guys after being in the crowd for so long and just loving them so much, and then being friends with them, but not being able to approach them work-wise.

Fiona Apple …
She’s very sexy! She’s really unlike anybody I’ve ever met. The only person she’s like is Jon Brion. Being in their presence is kind of dreamlike. You can’t get too close, because they’re like butterflies.

She also defends the hell out of Liz Phair.

Read the whole thing here. And here’s the shameless print version.


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Liz Phair: The Chicago Reader Takedown

A ’90s Woman wrote in: “as a companion to the new liz album, you must read the review by celebrated 90’s woman jessica hopper.”

So we did. And she was right. It’s a must-read. It’s WAY harsh, and I still haven’t listened to the album (because I’m scared I won’t like it),  but the article brings up a lot of stuff about the death of nostalgia, and also name drops Peaches and The Box.

Everyone go read it! Here’s an excerpt:

For much of the album, Phair’s lyrics are wrapped up in couldas: the career she coulda had, the money she coulda had, the acclaim she coulda won from the idiot marketplace. Not unlike recent albums from M.I.A. and Courtney Love, Funstyle is an iconic woman reckoning with her iconicness—detonating our idea of her, teasing out her awareness of her art as product, fucking with her place as cog in the corpo machine. But where Love and M.I.A. are sinister, Phair is sad.

Click here for the rest.

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Liz Phair Raps….

Yeah, so, then there’s this. Click and listen cause I can’t get the embed to work.

I’m looking forward to listening to the whole album, but the free single, “Bollywood,” is so oddly small, right? I mean, I guess that’s one of the things she does, finds the eternal in the minor, but I like more sex and angst with my myopia.

Also, I don’t like being forced to think about getting older and having no money, because that is what I think about when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.

Also, I just watched the video on her page and it’s all Liz nodding while all these dudes — Ira Glass!Dave Matthews! — tell her why they like Exile in Guyville. And she directed it. I guess it’s a joke? Like, Embraced by Guyville, Woot! Kara, use your grad-school acumen to explain Liz Phair 2010 to me!!


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In the Girls’ Room

Just cause.

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More on the Sluttiness Question

Tracey Emin Says Everything Best

Ada, I read your post first thing this morning and these lines about your personal 90s sluttiness really made me want to cheer:

But as far as whoring around? I wish now that I’d done it MORE. For me sex was tied up with adventure.

Your words reminded me of this poem, “Drowning in Flowers,” by Rita Dove, I’ve loved since college, which gets at one of the major reasons that girls have sex that no one ever talks about: CURIOSITY.

So I was thinking about that, and my own lack of regret for my own 90s sluttiness, when I was looking at Marisa’s Tumblr and saw that she reblogged Lesley’s dating advice column. And it struck me that we should stop telling girls to not have sex, since sex doesn’t seem to be the real problem. Instead, we should tell them to follow Lesley’s advice, which is:

Let’s do what we want and go for what we want, and if it doesn’t work out, let’s promise ourselves we won’t take it for personal. Most of the time rejection is protection.

Totally, right?! I was thinking about how this is basically the ultimate truth of dating life, and we should just tell this to as many teenage girls as we can, as I started clicking on links to some of Lesley’s other dating advice columns. And I came to one in which she admits:

For me, I cannot have casual sex. I can lie to myself and think “Whatever! Who cares?” but before you know it, I’m shame spiraling in fetal posish, and newsflash: I CARE.

And my celebration ended.

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Is This the Most 90sWoman Song of 2010?

Ada, apparently this Christina Aguilera/Nicki Minaj song, “WooHoo,” has been floating around the internet since last Monday. How did I make it through an entire week without it? Major fail on my part. Anyway, I feel like you are generally more celebratory about contemporary music, and contemporary feminism, than I am. But if I was looking for some proof of 2010’s greatness, I think I found it?

You know how I said yesterday that 90swomen wanted to be in control of their sex lives? Um, yeah, that times 10. This song is all “I see you Liz Phair’s ‘Flower’ and Alanis Morissette proud of giving blowjobs in a theater and Salt n Pepa talking about sex AND I RAISE YOU.” It’s got oral sex, girl bonding, bossiness, and lyrics like “I know I probably shouldn’t, but…” Plus, it’s hilarious. SOLD.


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90s-Music Soul-Searching

A reader mentioned the Gin Blossoms and suddenly a lot of 1991/2/3 walkman memories came rushing back. Holy shit, had totally blocked this out and this. I listened to New Miserable Experience a lot more than to anything I would now vouch for as culturally important, I’ll tell you that.   Continue reading


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