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Diary of a Teenage Girl On Stage!

Kara, last night we went to see the new theater production of The Diary of a Teenage Girl in lower Manhattan, largely because the tagline was “female sexuality and unabashed optimism,” which is the unofficial tagline of 90swoman, and also because we are doing a lecture next month at EMP on “pre-internet teen bedroom culture,” and Diary is the ultimate representation of that.

(Then we had a drink at the only open bar in the Financial District and started to talk about the play, which we both liked a whole lot, but got distracted by talking about the New York Post, ADD, and, mostly, the bar we were at, which we agreed was like being at the absolute fanciest place in some second-tier city and the absolute best place to have an affair with a day trader.)

ANYWAY, now we can focus on the play, an adaptation of the cult-classic graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner (on Amazon, it is #39 Books: Parenting & Families: Family Relationships: Dysfunctional Relationships). Marielle Heller, the very pretty and talented creator and star of the show, fought for the rights to the book and really did it justice. The production is very creative and affecting and smart and it made us think a lot of things. So let’s chat about it . . .

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