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Paul Westerberg: ’80s or ’90s?

The 1997 compilation.

Here’s another Bob Dylanesque discussion topic: how ’90s is Paul Westerberg?

I can see both sides:

  • Yes: he did the Singles soundtrack!
  • No: he’s too ’80s-trashed to be ’90s-emo.

What do you think, Kara?

I did an essay about him for Nerve years ago, in which, prompted by a giddy IM conversation with Nerve’s former EIC, Michael Martin, I talked lots of trash on other lead singers. Continue reading


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Samantha Bee is a 90s Woman


Watch here: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-february-3-2010/male-inequality

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how many times do we have to say feminists like sex?

Any excuse to show Tracey Emin

Oh, Ada, Katie Roiphe’s anti-feminist enfant terrible persona is so tiresome. In almost everything she writes she blames puritanical feminists for making sex no fun. But it’s hard for me to take her celebration of Norman Mailer’s violent sex scenes seriously, given that Mailer famously stabbed and nearly killed one of his six (ahem) wives. When Roiphe talks about the bygone belief in sex that could change things, possibly for the better, I think: for whom?

Anyway, what Roiphe calls “postfeminist second-guessing”—on the parts of ambivalent male characters—we could additionally call “post-sexual revolution second-guessing.” Younger guys might realize that some of the stuff Mailer and Roth thought was so great actually has some fallout, emotional or otherwise. Roiphe should read Barbara Ehrenreich’s Hearts of Men, which convincingly argues that the sexual revolution was always partly an attempt by men to escape the confines of stereotypical masculinity. For some, that meant the violent sex and threesomes that seemed incompatible with respectable marriage; for others, perhaps, it meant sex in which they didn’t have to be the initiators or always at the ready for. Some guys don’t want to be conquering heroes.

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Who’s Responsible for Feminist Enlightenment

generation-x-feminismOkay, back to work. Kara, I don’t feel like I have any sense of cause and effect. Like, I know Gen-X men these days are way more likely to help raise their kids and Gen-X women are way more apt to have careers. I know there was a kind of tension and bitterness and resentment between men and women in the ’60s and ’70s that just doesn’t seem to be there nearly as much. Katha Pollitt once told me in an interview that she was discouraged because her daughter was one of only a couple of girls who raised their hands when asked by a teacher who in the class considered themselves feminists. But I said, and I think, that if you asked a typical class full of students if men and women deserved equal pay, if men should clean the house, if no meant no, then you would see that the younger generations are completely, unblinkingly feminist. My personal theory is that the reason this happened is because of Bikini Kill Fanzine #2, old school Sesame Street, and the fact that latchkey kid-dom was lonely and we learned that we need each other. Who do you think got us here?


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