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So Out It’s In: The Brushpopper Shirt

Neal Medlyn in a '90s Wrangler Brushpopper, 2011.

I spend a lot of time reading fashion history books and looking around vintage clothing stores, so I see a lot of crazy, super-dated clothes. But when Neal Medlyn told me that for his birthday he wanted a Wrangler Brushpopper shirt, I thought it was probably as reclaimable as the Spanish farthingale.

The Brushpopper shirt (a discontinued line) is made of cotton, but coated so that it repels water and wind. This makes it feel rather like a canvas tarp, and gives it a slight sheen. They come in really strange, bright colors. Continue reading

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Neal, Bridget and Adam: The Show of Shows

Bridget Everett. The Woman. The Legend.

Bridget Everett, seductress, genius, and coiner of the term ’90s woman, juggles two men in what promises to be an insane and unmissable show of sex songs. The men are Neal Medlyn and Adam Horovitz. It’s called “Neal and Bridget are Fuckin’… And Adam is Watching.”

Nick Flynn has said that the title of his (completely amazing) book Another Bullshit Night in Suck City turned off just as many people as bought it for that very reason, and I think this show’s title may do the same thing.

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Gay Bars in Texas and the King of Night Vision

Watch the whole thing for the full ’90s experience.

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In the Girls’ Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture

From left: Ada, Marisa, Kara. Photobomb guy in back: music fanatic who in conversation with Neal name-checked 85 bands in 7 minutes.

Back from EMP!

For our panel at the pop music and technology conference out in Seattle, Neal did a reenactment of the Alanis Morisette “Thank U” video. As he was naked for it, security guards carded everyone entering the auditorium and we were locked in the room for those three minutes. It was eerie, moving, funny and the perfect performance to open a panel about pre-internet teen bedroom culture. Continue reading

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A Glimpse at the 75-Song Playlist Neal Made for EMP

Now that we’re back I can post the whole thing… Continue reading


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90s Woman Is Off To EMP in Seattle!

ALL of 90s woman plus Marisa Meltzer and Neal Medlyn will be on a panel at the EMP Pop Music Conference in Seattle talking about “Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture.” We will be wearing plaid dresses and doing our nails while we talk. Also, glitter and nudity will be involved in our presentation. For more info see the EMP site.

Roundtable: In the Girls” Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture

Venue: JBL Theater

Dressed in 90s-appropriate plaid tunics from the Miley Cyrus / Max Azria Wal-Mart collection, Marisa Meltzer, Kara Jesella, and Ada Calhoun will present a panel on the pre-Internet age girl’s bedroom, and how it shaped Generation X. At the conclusion of the panel, Neal Medlyn will do a recreation of the controversial video for the 1998 hit “Thank U” by Alanis Morissette that will illustrate pre-internet pop culture in all its wonder and cringe-worthiness.


Marisa Meltzer, “In the Girls” Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”

Kara Jesella, “In the Girls” Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”

Ada Calhoun, “In the Girls” Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”

Neal Medlyn, “In the Girls” Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”

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Our Hit Parade Catch-Up

Yay, Kara, you’re back! As I have told you, your grad school applications were really messing with my social life. Before I respond to your posts, here’s one of the things you missed: my husband performing a Black Eyed Peas cover nude. Kathleen observed that he is in better voice when he’s naked. More comfortable, I guess. Continue reading

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