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East Village Bookstores in the ’90s: See Hear, Harris Books, Tompkins Square Books

When I was fifteen, I spent most of my time — when I wasn’t babysitting, drinking wine coolers, or making out with acid-heads on rooftops — looking for zines, Philip K. Dick novels, and religious books in bookstores around the East Village. Continue reading


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’90s Crush of the Week: Rocky Horror Picture Show Crowd Circa 1991

So, Kara, while you were in hibernation I started this weekly Crush of the Week feature to pay tribute to unsung heroes of ’90s awesomeness.

Today, I would like to thank all those  fine people who hung out at the NYC Rocky Horror in the early nineties for not taking advantage of me or my friends even though we were fifteen, drunk on wine coolers and hanging around super late all the time. It was very 90s-womanish of you to be so non-date-rapey. That is all.

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