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What We Learned from Firemen about Objectification in 2010

Kara, last night we took a 90s Woman field trip to a Firefighter Auction. TheĀ City Reliquary, a nice Williamsburg museum run by neighborhood heartthrob and toddler idol Fireman Dave (Herman), needed to raise money, so Dave had his fireman friends stand up onstage at the Knitting Factory while ladies (and a couple of men) bid on dates with them.

A worthy cause! So even though we just came to window-shop, we did our part. We drank pink Manhattans that weren’t really Manhattans; listened to a 90s cover band (way to go, fireman drummer!) that played every 90s song you ever pretended not to like, like Collective Soul’s “Shine” or stuff by the Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots and Counting Crows; and you somehow allowed pictures to be taken of yourself with a fireman wearing a hat on backwards that said “Cross Bronx Expressway.”

It took a lot of work, but I talked you into letting those pictures be posted here, but not without the following disclaimer: Kara would like to apologize to her boyfriend, her parents, and to everyone with whom she studies queer theory. This is her in some sort of alterna-heteronormative universe.

And without further ado, here is our hungover g-chat about the event the next day: Continue reading

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