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Erykah Badu is a Daring 90s Woman!

Erykah Badu got naked in Dealey Plaza for this video, which is new but still crazy 90s.

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Bridget Everett’s Show Was Incredible

What You Were Doing Tuesday Night

Kara, when Bridget Everett sang “You Oughta Know” at her show on Tuesday night at Joe’s Pub I almost called you so you could listen, but I thought that might be mean cause I knew you were home reading Heidegger for school.

She did thrilling pop covers with her band (which included Adrock playing bass of all things) and told stories about her fucked-up childhood, death, and learning on Facebook, on Valentine’s Day, that she was being cheated on.

I didn’t see anyone tape it, alas, so I don’t have any YouTube to put up, but here are a couple of photos.

I have to say even if you want to take Karen Finley and Marina Abramovic off the table, female performance art is in fine shape.

What I was doing Tuesday night: Continue reading

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Gaga and Beyonce Grapple with Important Political Questions

Ada, Check it out! Today’s most important female performance artists take on female-perpetrated violence. I hope the New York Times likes it.


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is taylor swift more affirming than madonna? and other burning questions

madonna in her bracelets! worn pre-internet!

Ada, I kept trying to come up with a sustained response to your post, but I’m feeling stereotypically feminine and non-linear today. Nevertheless, some thoughts:

  • Jealous about Lady Gaga! Post photos! The one time I had a chance to see her I was busy writing a paper. Anyway, I’m interested in your idea that pop culture today is more affirming than it was when we were teenagers. We had Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair, Salt ‘n Pepa, Mary J. Blige, etc. I feel the same way about pop culture icons now as I did then: that a lot of them are a mix of feminist-y and regressive. For example, I think it’s cool that Taylor Swift writes her own music, but I think her lyrics are really retro. When she asks Romeo to save her and then he says, “I talked to your dad/go pick out a white dress.” HE TALKED TO HER DAD?! Does Taylor know it’s 2010?! But, seriously, I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this, which I think are different from mine. I am totally open to reconsideration.

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Ashley Dupre, Feminist Performance Artist?

Ashley Dupre on the cover of the NY Post

Here’s an excerpt of the interview Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, did for the cover of the NY Post, “Ashley: Score on and off the Field”:

Is football a turn-on?

Yes. There is something so sexy about a man and his game. Football appeals to the warrior in every guy. If his team wins, help your man enjoy the spoils of war by being a ravishing treasure. If his team loses, be there to comfort him and make him feel better. And it’s very sexy to watch. Continue reading

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OMG, Jackpot

We just found our winter wardrobe (and our costumes for 90sWoman.com’s conference panel “Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”) on eBay…

Santa, please bring us this, this and this.

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