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90sWoman is PIG’s Blog of the Month!

PIG magazine, October 2010

This Italian fashion magazine just wrote the nicest thing about 90sWoman! Turns out, everything sounds better translated into Italian and then back into English. Case in point:

What is your actor / actress favorite of those years?
Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’.

And the TV series?
Did not watch much TV, I was too busy doing the tapes recorded by the radio.However, I remember this show out of my head that was called ‘Just the Ten of Us’. He spoke of this great family of poor girls who had a wonderful imagination. I must say I was impressed.

What is the perfect outfit for women 90 years?
A baby doll dress and boots should be the look cliché, but I think I personally would opt for something more comfortable. Type in flannel plaid shirt, nice wide. The straps of the bra strictly in view.

Check it out.



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