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Our NY Post Photo Shoot

Kara, now that I’m working at the NY Post I know firsthand that things that get pushed back for a few months don’t usually ever run, so I think we should go ahead and tell everyone about our January photo shoot for the paper. Otherwise this event would be lost to time, which would not be fair to the readers who offered super helpful suggestions for the shoot.

As you’ll recall, you came over to my place an hour before we had to meet the super nice and cute NY Post writer and the equally nice and cute photographer. Here are the outfits we considered wearing. Memorable quote of the morning, Neal saying, “Do you have a barrette? Because if you have a barrette then you’re done.” Also a good call by Neal: wearing a plaid bra under a black dress.

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Amber Rose, 90s Fashion Plate

American RebeL- Persona Magazine Vol 1. from PERSONA MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose is crazy 90s in this video. Thanks for the tip, Brendan!

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Testimony: Stephanie G., The 90s in Two Outfits

Photo from Gawker.

Seriously, combine these two outfits and you have my entire wardrobe from 1992-1995. Which, was totally modeled on September issues of Seventeen magazine for those years.Stephanie Green of NotSoLittleThings

Photo source: Gawker Assets

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Miley Cyrus’s Plaid Collection

Over Thanksgiving weekend I found myself in a Walmart, specifically the Miley Cyrus Max Azria display.

There I found outfits for our new career as feminist performance artists whose work revolves around Pre-Internet Teen Bedroom Culture.

I got the purple in my size and the red in yours. And yes, duh, leggings to go with them.

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OMG, Jackpot

We just found our winter wardrobe (and our costumes for 90sWoman.com’s conference panel “Teen Girl Bedroom Culture”) on eBay…

Santa, please bring us this, this and this.

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Hold Up! Time Out For Plaid!


Why do we keep talking about this?

This guy Brendan Donnelly totally made our day with his touching farewell to plaid.

Okay, back to neo-sincerity and unheralded feminist revolutions and thongs. It has now been zero days since our last lapse into plaid talk.

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