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Memo to Glee Writers: Radicalize the Dumb Girl

Glee is super inclusive and all, but there is no radical feminist character yet. I nominate Brittany (no last name; robbed of herstory!), the dumb blonde who has slept with almost everyone in the school. To quote Clueless, this girl is crying out for a makeover. Just a little CR would work wonders. And she would look so cute in classes!


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What the “Telephone” Video has to do with Women in Congress

proof that feminism has been super-successful and hasn't "won"

Ada, as you know, feminist bloggers are always getting lots of critical comments. I feel like we are a real part of the club now. And I know that the sentiments in this comment are not unusual.

As for the actual criticisms: I, like you, think that blogging about pop culture versus doing the kind of political work that everyone recognizes as political work—such as electing more women to Congress—is a false choice. You can do both.

But even if I spent my entire life thinking and writing about feminism and culture, which I mostly do, I’m definitely not going to apologize for it or minimize it. I don’t think what I am doing is less important than what people engaged in other kinds of political work do; I think all different kinds of political work support (and critique and revise) one another.

Besides, getting more women elected to Congress without changing the culture means getting more women elected to Congress who are in tune with our still-fucked-up current culture. Feminists have been writing for years about how often women who rise to power get there because they say and do the kinds of things that the men in power say and do. That’s how you get a Phyllis Schlafly. Or a Sarah Palin. And many of those women try to put restrictions on the rest of us.

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You Might Be a 90s Woman If…

Okay, someone asked us to try to pin down 90s Womanhood and here’s our yes-we-used-to-write-magazine-sidebars-for-a-living attempt.

You might be a 90s Woman if…

Any of the following changed your life: Bikini Kill, Nirvana, 7 Year
Bitch, Hole, Babes in Toyland, Sinead O’Connor, Lisa Carver, Tank
Girl, Sister Spit, Liz Phair.

You have had a crush on any of the following: Paul Rudd, James Spader, Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street era).

You’ve read Sassy.

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Has Feminism Changed?

You are right, Kara. Hilary’s question is super hard, in both interpretations. I feel like my experience of sexism is similar now, but my response is a little different. I used to sulk. Now I get mad.

Hilary writes in the comments that what she really wants to know is: “Is it just me, or has feminism dropped away from the greater (pop) cultural dialogue?” That’s a really good question too, so I’m going to ramble and see if anything comes of it.

Here’s why I would say feminism is still part of the pop culture dialogue: Feministing.com has a really big readership, and so does Jezebel. Everyone’s obsessed with any stories in The NY Times or Time or Newsweek about ladies, especially if they are related to working versus staying home with kids or who makes more money or any of that. The biggest pop culture stars right now are all about women being powerful and not tolerating mistreatment.

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