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Did ’90s Pop Really Suck?

Just stumbled on a blog that claims: Some people have called the 1990s the worst period ever for Pop Music. Others think it is too soon to tell.

Then I watched a little Hanson and found myself agreeing. Maybe that’s because so much energy was going into “alternative” music, so pop was really the dregs? Now it seems like there’s just one mass, with indie being more or less in the same world.

Anyway, I’ll say it again: pop music now is really good. I mean, Drake, B.o.B., La Roux, Nicki Minaj . . . they all blow Ace of Base and Boyz II Men out of the water.


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Taylor Swift Basks in Adulation

Here is one minute of the several that Taylor spent smiling while the audience cheered for her. This happened a LOT on Friday night.

And here are a couple more videos from the concert: Continue reading


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