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The Sluttiness Question

"Slutty Hermione." I found this by image-searching "sluttiness question."

Kara, I totally thought your posts made total sense and were great! And I agree that this is worth talking about:

Do you regret being slutty in the 90s? Just kidding! I know you don’t. Wait, maybe not kidding. Whether or not we–and other 90swomen–regret the kinds of experiences that Flanagan seems to think we do or we should actually seems like a good subject.

I regret a lot of things in my life, but only a few have anything to do with sex. When it comes to ’90s sluttiness, for example, sometimes I slept with a guy who a friend really wanted, which was a shitty thing to do.

If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t have been so cavalier about those particular guys. (In one instance, my friend was doubly mad at me because I not only slept with the guy first, I also neglected to mention to her that he was terrible in bed. She had to find out on her own. Total ’90s sisterhood fail!)

But as far as whoring around? I wish now that I’d done it MORE. For me sex was tied up with adventure. I read a lot. I walked around the city. I traveled. Being enthusiastic about sex for me was part of being enthusiastic about new experiences of every kind. Not to be all Elizabeth Taylor-style dramatic, but having sex was about living LIFE.  Continue reading


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Pressure to Perform Is Co-Ed

belladonnaThat Air Supply guy was awesome. I feel like the three people we found sexy except for except pre-deep-throat Belladonna, whose body was  just ridiculously hot, were the Air Supply DJ, that friend of Paul Pope’s who accepted the award for him, and — we can admit it, we’re among friends — Levi Johnston.

And remember, we liked the DJ because he seemed really cool and into what he was doing and emo in the best possible way, and we liked the friend because he was actually cute and had a sense of humor (the Box version of sexiness is completely without humor), and Levi because he was strapping and young and dumb and so cocky it was absurdly intriguing. Continue reading

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