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The Sexualization Question

Kara, should we talk about that dance troupe of eight- and nine-year-old girls everyone’s finger-wagging about? Rachel Simmons just wrote a long, distressed post about them on Jezebel, in which she said, “But just because you can wrap your leg behind your ear doesn’t mean you should,” and suggested that a dance troupe with a less glammy routine was healthier.

Anytime anyone starts telling girls to express themselves in more politically relevant or socially appropriate ways (aka: wear sneakers, not high heels to be more feminist) I immediately want to pelt them with glitter gel. As if the girls have some problem, not the people who are watching them and imagining they are trying to be seductive. Continue reading

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Ashley Dupre, Feminist Performance Artist?

Ashley Dupre on the cover of the NY Post

Here’s an excerpt of the interview Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, did for the cover of the NY Post, “Ashley: Score on and off the Field”:

Is football a turn-on?

Yes. There is something so sexy about a man and his game. Football appeals to the warrior in every guy. If his team wins, help your man enjoy the spoils of war by being a ravishing treasure. If his team loses, be there to comfort him and make him feel better. And it’s very sexy to watch. Continue reading

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