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Lisa Carver Fanzine Blowout Sale!

Lisa Carver has a bunch of fanzines and books and stuff for sale on eBay and a lot of it is still 99 cents. Go shop!


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Is Courtney the 90sest of 90s Women?

From PhotoBucket.com

Hmmm, Kara, your write-up of the Hole show is great and she looks really terrific in the Letterman clip and I loved “Miss World” when I was a teenager. 


I’ve always been kind of freaked out by Courtney Love and even though she’s totally iconic and everything, I feel like it’s hard to talk about her without acknowledging that she’s mentally ill and has a dark history of physically assaulting ladies, especially fellow lead singers. 

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Is it Time to Talk About Lisa Carver?

Lisa Carver, circa 1999. From Wikipedia.

Wow, Kara, do you think we are ready to start talking about Lisa Carver, creator of the important zine Rollerderby, author of Dancing Queen, Drugs are Nice, and The Lisa Diaries, changer of lives, and one of the best writers in America today?

I know maybe I am biased because when I was in my twenties and flailing,  Rollerderby encouraged me to be a certain kind of reckless that I found very emotionally healthy. Those zines were like these secret messages (there’s the 90s-as-stealth theme again) from the coolest, most maniacal, most cheerfully dangerous person in the world. Continue reading


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How Influential Was Liz Phair?

No, really, I’m curious. To me, it seems like Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville, Kathleen Hanna and the Bikini Kill fanzines, Lisa Carver’s zine Rollerderby, and a whole ton of other ’90s stuff (Pump Up the Volume?) had a really profound effect on the culture — on relationships between men and women, on music, on literature — but maybe I’m crazy and you and I are the only people with these things on our bookshelves?

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