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You Know You’re a Child of Second Wavers If…

Great Women Playing Cards

This game sat next to Chutes and Ladders, LIFE and Careers.


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How Much of Desire is Really about Danger?

Okay, I’m not going to embed the infamous video of Moe and Tracie from Jezebel drunkenly disclaiming on pulling out as viable birth control, unwanted pregnancy, and how it’s okay to be reckless in Williamsburg because the guys there are pussies, but I will link to it.  

Because I think it’s relevant to this conversation we’re having about sluttiness and regret: how much of sexual adventure is about knowingly putting yourself in danger?

I’m thinking: some.

That sure-I-was-raped-so-what video sparked an uproar about third-wave ladies having reckless, unprotected, casual sex and getting date-raped and not thinking it was such a big deal. 

Of course it delighted the stereotypical-second-wave finger-waggers, who finally had tape on this dubious trend they have been condemning. (*Cough* Linda Hirshman *cough*.) Continue reading


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A Guest Analysis of “Murder One” (1995)

Lady judge on Murder One, Season 1 Episode 1.

I’ve been watching this old show “Murder One” from 1995 on Hulu. I think it was conceived as a post-OJ thing–the whole season is the story of a celebrity on trial for murder. It’s kind of awesome! They did three whole episodes on jury selection which made my procedural nerd heart sing. Anyway (SPOILER) now the prosecution and the defense have discovered that two of the jurors, a man and a woman, are involved sexually. The jurors are in the judge’s chambers being chastised, and the female juror is all, “Don’t listen to her! She’s an old guard, doctrinaire, anti-femme feminist who thinks men and women have to be desexualized to be equal!” Continue reading

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Is Boobquake 90s-Womanish?

So you’ve probably heard about Boobquake, this internet phenomenon whereby thousands of women challenge a statement made by an imam that women’s immodesty causes earthquakes. They all wear lowcut shirts + no earthquakes = imam is dumb, sexy ladies win. Leaving aside the slight complication that there were earthquakes today, this strategy for social protest seems to epitomize third-waviness vs. second-waviness. This is a gross reduction, I know, but just bear with me: to protest male gaze, etc., second-wavers wore comfortable clothes. Continue reading

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