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A Sexual Harassment Primer from Time magazine, 1994

I just came around this sexual harassment timeline from a 1994 Time article. Check out how, in 1964, banning job discrimination on the basis of sex was “provocatively novel.”

1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 is enacted. It contains a provocatively novel amendment banning job discrimination on the basis of sex, which foes of the law had hoped would derail it.

1975 In the first reported sexual-harassment decision under the new law, involving two women who claimed they suffered repeated verbal and physical advances from a supervisor, Arizona federal district court rules the act does not cover such a claim.

1977 Washington, federal appeals court rules that sexual harassment is discrimination under the act, in a case in which a woman alleged her job was abolished in retaliation for refusing a supervisor’s sexual advances. Continue reading

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France, Meet the ’90s.

Nancy Gibbs, journalistic idol to me and to many, has a great piece in Time called “Men Behaving Badly: What is it About Power That Makes Men Crazy?” She provides the requisite pop-psych answers about impulse control and ego. Then she takes it to the next level with a devastating analysis of how and why powerful men give themselves permission to behave inappropriately with less powerful women.

When I was in high school reading all that shit in magazines about “Do-Me Feminism,” this was the kind of article I fantasized would eventually be standard in the mainstream press. And the happy day has come. Continue reading


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Now She Tells Us

WashingtonPost.com/Bill O'leary/the Washington Post

So now suddenly Lillian McEwen in the Washington Post is admitting that yes, she knew Anita Hill was telling the truth. She’s trying to shop a memoir that has material about her relationship with Clarence Thomas.

Does this remind anyone else of Ken Mehlman coming out as gay after years of pushing Bush’s anti-gay message? Kind of like: that sure would have been awesome to say out loud ten or twenty years ago…

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A Professor Weighs in on The Antioch Rules

Just had to elevate this super-smart comment into a post. Also, this line cracked me up: “Instead of ruining the moment, it seemed to me that it enhanced it (Can I take off your shirt? You sure can!).”

OK, as someone who taught at Antioch College until it closed, and was involved with maintaining the SOPP (Sexual Offense Prevention Policy), I do have some knowledge of the policy and the campus.

BTWI think the unattached straight boys at Antioch would be thrilled to know that they were the target of so much lust…really, there were lots of straight boys there and although some were surely getting some action, not all were. Continue reading


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Tavi’s Open Letter to 8th Grade Boys

Kara, thank you for directing me to this letter by the amazing prodigy fashion writer Tavi. It is the best. She has out-90swomaned 90swoman.

Dear eighth grade boys:

Stop making me feel like my body is my burden. Do I, or any other girls, find you to be attractive? Helllllll no. But we don’t stare at your bodies and then whisper to our friends! We are polite! I don’t know if this is because girls are told to keep quiet, or because we are totally over bullying, but whatever! You are assholes in many more ways, but I only have 8 more days of you! Then freshman year, you will maybe be a little more like real people, but not entirely, because you’ll want to make sure everyone knows how cool you are since it’s freshman year and there are all these new people! And by people, I mean chicks! For you to be rude to while making them feel like they’re lucky to have your rudeness bestowed upon them! And for you to grab their ass, and then make them feel like that’s supposed to be a compliment! Sexual harassment/assault is totally flattering! It means you like her! But not really, because you don’t like her enough to respect her space and comfort, you just like her body! And that one time I told one of you to not grab girls’ asses, you had all your friends come up to me throughout the day to tell me how mean I was to embarrass you! Also you all have AWFUL B.O., and AXE smells like shit, and Family Guy isn’t funny, and not showering isn’t a way to make a political statement, and FUUUUUUUU

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Liberal Hypocrisy and Corporate Media

Barbara Stanwyck was a 90s woman and I know she wasn't really in His Girl Friday, but in my mind she was.

So, Kara, I just started working part-time at a tabloid as a city reporter, because, well, wouldn’t you? And I walked in fully prepared (almost enthusiastic!) to see all manner of pre-90s-enlightenment behavior — ass-grabbing, cigar-chomping, you name it. But you know what I found instead? A woman in charge and everyone flexible and friendly.

Contrast this with all those horror stories we have seen and heard surrounding liberal media bastions: hours cut so employees couldn’t get health insurance, totally sexist dudes running the show, racist articles, back-biting, etc., etc. Continue reading

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The Hostile Environment Thing


Nell Scovell, Whistleblower. Photo: VanityFair.com.

Nineties Woman Hannah just made an interesting comment:

I worked at a large company where two of the big bosses were in a relationship. Everyone knew, but we weren’t SUPPOSED to know. I kept talking about it at home, and my husband would correct me when I described it as an “affair.” You see, they were both divorced and so technically not cheating on anyone. But by carrying on and making everyone pretend we didn’t know, it felt like we were all complicit in a dirty secret.

That’s what Nell Scovell, a former Letterman staffer, said the vibe on the Late Show was like in her recent Vanity Fair article: kind of skeevy, and bad for women who weren’t sleeping with male staffers. She writes:

There’s a subset of sexual harassment called sexual favoritism that, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, can lead to a “hostile work environment,” often “creating an atmosphere that is demeaning to women.’And that pretty much sums up my experience at Late Night with David Letterman. Continue reading

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