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There Have So Been Books About Female Sexuality in the Past 35 Years

In a recent piece in The Guardian, “Feminism in the 21st Century,” Zoe Williams claims that no one has talked seriously about female sexuality since the ’70s: “The last person to make any serious noise about female sexuality was Shere Hite; that was nearly 35 years ago.”

This is a claim I see all the time, and it’s starting to make me feel like I’m delusional. Continue reading


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The Mountain Goats, Indie Music’s ’90s-Woman-est Band

Mountain Goats, Bowery Ballroom, March 28, 2011

Writing for newspapers and magazines lo these last 15 or so years, I have interviewed many famous people, lots of them super hot. But to date, probably the swooniest I ever got was during a 2005 Q&A with the Mountain Goats.

John Darnielle praised feminism, pop music, and marriage. He said wise ’90s-womanly things like, on Andrea Dworkin:

She was really messed up in a lot of ways, but also brave enough to say, “Is it possible that the bedrock of our sexuality is essentially violent?” The simple answer is, “Of course not, because I enjoy myself. What’s not to like there?” Well it takes a big person to go, “Maybe we enjoy ourselves because we’re damaged.” Continue reading

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The Sexual Power of Just the Ten of Us

Falling asleep last night, I started to dream of a family of daffy sisters who lived in an attic . . . and then I remembered it was a TV show! From the ’90s! Or from ’89 and ’90 and then syndicated through the ’90s! And watching some clips on YouTube today I realized that even though I haven’t thought about it in twenty years, “Just the Ten of Us” totally influenced my idea of hot womanhood. They were nymphomaniacal, scheming, ambitious, wore lots of ’80s-Gap-esque flower prints, and had rich fantasy lives. They spent a lot of time talknig to each other in their bedrooms and dreaming about boys and escape. It was like The Virgin Suicides with big hair. If my idea of sexiness is three parts the Blondie video for “Heart of Glass,”  it’s one part the oldest four daughters on this show.


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