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Margaret Cho, ’90s Woman


So, I just did a VERY nineties interview with Margaret Cho for New York magazine. Here’s a sampling:

Speaking of Bryan Adams, there’s something of a nineties revival going on, and your album has that feel.
Yeah, it’s kind of a riot grrrl … I always wanted it to be like the Deal sisters [Kim and Kelley Deal, of the Breeders]. To me, some of the greatest things happened in the nineties, musically. I worshipped Grant Lee-Phillips [of Grant-Lee Buffalo]. And I worshipped Bryan and I wanted to be like Fiona Apple. And it was such an amazing experience to work with all those guys after being in the crowd for so long and just loving them so much, and then being friends with them, but not being able to approach them work-wise.

Fiona Apple …
She’s very sexy! She’s really unlike anybody I’ve ever met. The only person she’s like is Jon Brion. Being in their presence is kind of dreamlike. You can’t get too close, because they’re like butterflies.

She also defends the hell out of Liz Phair.

Read the whole thing here. And here’s the shameless print version.


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For Realz, You Guys?

I want to know what this is all about:

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Sexy Fiona Apple!


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Why Are People Searching Sexy Fiona Apple?

The 90s Woman is all about transparency, so here is the little traffic thing from our dashboard. Can all of you who got here searching “Sexy Fiona Apple” tell me what that is all about?

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Sexy Fiona Apple!

fionaappleWe’ve been getting thousands of hits each of the last few days, and wondering why. Checked the top searches expecting to find Sasha Grey and instead saw this: “90’s thong, thong, sexy fiona apple.”

And because this is what you want, here it is: the sexiest Fiona Apple picture we could find. Thanks, Madame Librarian.

Why we like it: because the look on her face is sultry by way of incredulous, as in: “You seriously want me to pose with a fucking piece of fruit?”


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