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Oh, Those Ladies With Their “Cool, Systematic Ambition.”

This Jon Pareles on Taylor Swift review suggests her fans are duped by her “clockwork professionalism,” and keep squealing even though she’s obviously playing them. As if ambition and professionalism are unbecoming in a musician and make her suspicious somehow. And as if smugness and insincerity have not been hallmarks of pretty much every pop star in the history of the world.

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Kenny Mellman Covers Taylor Swift’s Anti-Gay-Bullying Anthem

Apparently, Adam Lambert fans got really mad at the suggestion that this was the ultimate anti-gay-bullying song, insisting that his “Aftermath” was. But, c’mon, there’s plenty of room in our hearts for all the — okay, both the — anti-gay-bullying songs.

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What Happened to Angry Women in Rock?

Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna. Photograph: Ebet Roberts/Redferns. ia Guardian.co.uk.

That’s the question asked in this Guardian article by Jude Rogers. The argument of the piece is a little muddled. On one hand, there are no angry female music stars like there used to be, but wait, there are! And Lady Gaga and Rihanna are angry, so . . .  optimistic quote from Joan Jett and out!

What I think we’ve been seeing in the course of thinking about the ’90s for this blog is that ’90s-style female anger is thriving right now in the mainstream.

Speaking of which, guess what I just found? That’s right: a video of Taylor Swift throwing that chair. Enjoy.

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Taylor Swift Basks in Adulation

Here is one minute of the several that Taylor spent smiling while the audience cheered for her. This happened a LOT on Friday night.

And here are a couple more videos from the concert: Continue reading


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Taylor Swift Concert Photo Gallery!

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90swomen G-Chat Taylor Swift

So, Ada, the other night was a FAIRYTALE (sorry–so feeling it right now!) when we got to see Taylor Swift in concert. And not just in concert! In concert on Long Island for the Fearless Tour.

We didn’t sit together, but it didn’t matter, because we spent the evening texting. Yours say things like: “I’m so happy for all these girls whose first concert it is” and “She should have cuter boys in her band.” (Srsly, Taylor. Work on that, please.)

Anyway, Taylor’s two-hour performance was amazing and even better was watching girls in sparkles and pink tutus screaming and singing along and waving their glowsticks. Pure joy. But let’s get to the analyzing.

Ada: feminism is alive and well. taylor swift is angry. girls today are awesome.

Kara: taylor swift is pissed! and you might not know it from just listening to her music on the radio. but the whole show was, as i think neal said, a revenge fantasy.

Ada: and he said it’s the best way to get revenge. by being smart and successful. and having friends. and making art.

Kara: she had that part where she is like “there are 2 kinds of love: fairy tale love and real love and real love doesn’t always turn out so well.” DARK.


Ada: totally! she is LEVELING with those eight year olds. listen kid. life kind of sucks. and boys kind of suck. don’t let them get away with anything. THEY SHOULDN’T DO BAD THINGS.

Kara: i had always thought the music was all romeo and juliet. but its kinda like: romeo and juliet die in the end.

Ada: i think this may be 2010: don’t let anyone get away with anything. don’t put up with it. no wallowing. just fuck them, move on. we are post-wallow.

Kara: we are definitely post-wallow. even beyonce. with “why dont you love me?” is still, like, “dude, im awesome, whats your prob?”

Ada: “be a dick to me? go for it. i will humiliate you in front of TEN MILLION tweens and their moms.”

Kara: also, at the same time as post-wallow, neal was like “this is like alanis’ ‘jagged little pill,'” which i get too. confrontational.

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Defending Alanis Morissette’s Feminist Honor

"Angry White Female." That's pretty 90s.

So, Ada, I asked Marisa (our friend, fellow EMP panelist, my Sassy book co-author, and author of Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music) if she wanted to chat with me about the much-maligned Alanis Morissette.  There are lots of feminist Alanis-haters, and while Marisa and I very much like some of them, we are die-hard defenders of Alanis and her feminist importance. As far as I am concerned, she is a total 90swoman! For real! We thought maybe 90swoman readers would be interested in why. So here goes.

Kara: So there is a big discussion on tumblr about Jessica Hopper’s blog post on women and music. We know Jessica and are fans of her writing. And you were saying that you are totally with her for most of it.

Marisa: I was and am. I mean: “Feminism has to move on, salute new icons, be excited by the varieties of archetypes of women in music, be they Gaga or Nite Jewel, that are self-directed, self-produced, not operating under the shadow of a Svengali hand.” YES. I am right there with her.

Kara: TOTALLY. But there is one thing neither one of us agree with and it is…..

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