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Sexy Fiona Apple!

fionaappleWe’ve been getting thousands of hits each of the last few days, and wondering why. Checked the top searches expecting to find Sasha Grey and instead saw this: “90’s thong, thong, sexy fiona apple.”

And because this is what you want, here it is: the sexiest Fiona Apple picture we could find. Thanks, Madame Librarian.

Why we like it: because the look on her face is sultry by way of incredulous, as in: “You seriously want me to pose with a fucking piece of fruit?”



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remembering the great thong panic of the 90s


the 2009 version of the 90s thong

remember when thongs first became popular and everyone thought it was the end of civilization? except for the teenagers who were wearing them or hoping that their hook up was? i bet college students all over the u.s. are buying this american apparel update. (and though i have been going through a style regression since going back to school, i can assure you i wont be.)–kara

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