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Ke$ha’s New Video and its ’90s-Womanly Style

In the '90s, as now, glitter=power.

Hey Kara, your g.f. Ke$ha has a new video. New York magazine suffers from the common ’90s amnesia and claims glitter and hard-core-ness are mutually exclusive. As Cher would say, as if! And yet, I am still not as into Ke$ha as you are. I think it’s because I am too New-Yorky to appreciate the West Coast.

Watch it here because I can’t figure out how to embed Vevo. As consolation, here are a couple of screen grabs. Continue reading

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The Great Alejandro Video Debate

So, it’s here.

Jezebel says it’s boring: “It’s very beautiful! And very dull. Vivid religious iconography, leather coats, vague military/riot references and men in fishnets and heels can’t make up for a weak (non existent?) narrative and an incredibly repetitive song.”

Cathy Horyn, a fan, says it “seems to bring out the prudes in people, or maybe they’re watching too much Fox News.”

Lady Gaga seems to me like a force for good, especially in terms of gay rights and teenagers not feeling lonely, but there’s something about the way she is paying homage to Madonna here that feels ultra-hollow: Catholic iconography, bullet-bra, bare back with blonde hair, writhing male models (although I guess she did add heels). Check, check, check. Continue reading


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How Much of Desire is Really about Danger?

Okay, I’m not going to embed the infamous video of Moe and Tracie from Jezebel drunkenly disclaiming on pulling out as viable birth control, unwanted pregnancy, and how it’s okay to be reckless in Williamsburg because the guys there are pussies, but I will link to it.  

Because I think it’s relevant to this conversation we’re having about sluttiness and regret: how much of sexual adventure is about knowingly putting yourself in danger?

I’m thinking: some.

That sure-I-was-raped-so-what video sparked an uproar about third-wave ladies having reckless, unprotected, casual sex and getting date-raped and not thinking it was such a big deal. 

Of course it delighted the stereotypical-second-wave finger-waggers, who finally had tape on this dubious trend they have been condemning. (*Cough* Linda Hirshman *cough*.) Continue reading


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Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Kara, you told me about this video (bless you!) but I know you’re too swamped with grad school to post it yet so I’m going to throw it on here and let you analyze it later. I say that because I feel like I don’t have the exegetical skills to do it justice, whereas you are in academia and so can take on this immense deconstruction challenge. It is just incredible and I think very post-’90s. All glamour and retro and posing. If the ’90s were both Earnest and Arch, maybe thanks to Beyonce the ’10s are both Wry and Smokin’ Hot.

Here are a couple of stills I screen-grabbed for people who need a little more prodding to watch the video:


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Erykah Badu is a Daring 90s Woman!

Erykah Badu got naked in Dealey Plaza for this video, which is new but still crazy 90s.

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Beyonce and Lady Gaga in Video Phone Video

Do you already have a dissertation subject, Kara? Because this video basically distills everything about 90s feminism, from the male gaze to symbols of aggression to whether or not Bettie Page was in fact an icon of oppression or of liberation. Also, wow do the two of them look hot.


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